What Should I Do if I Am in an Automobile Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, there are number of things you should do or should have done before contacting a lawyer which will help your case.

  1. Call the police and have them prepare a report
  2. Don’t move your car before the police come. It is important that they observe the positions of the vehicles involved in the accident.
  3. If the police don’t come, make sure to exchange information with the other driver, including his or her name and address, the vehicle plate number, information regarding the insurance company for the other car. Find out where the officer is located and where and when you can get the police report.
  4. Do not talk to the other driver about how the accident happened, talk only to the police. Do take note if the other driver admits that the accident was his fault.
  5. Take photographs of both vehicles using your cell phone or camera. Get pictures of the damages to both vehicles as well as the position of the vehicles in the roads.
  6. If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their names, addresses and phone numbers.
  7. If an ambulance comes, let the ambulance people treat you and, if necessary, take you to the hospital. The police will take care of your car.
  8. After you leave the emergency room, or if you don’t go, as soon as you get home, call your own insurance company. You have certain benefits under your policy which are not related to who is at fault for the accident, and you will not get any increase in your insurance premiums if you are not at fault for the accident.
  9. If you have gone to the emergency room, follow up with any medical appointments which have been recommended. Your medical bills will be paid by your car insurance’s no fault coverage, so you can go to any doctor you want. You do not need any referrals.
  10. If you have not gone to the emergency room, follow up with a doctor as soon as possible. You do not need to go to your primary care doctor, but can contact an orthopedist, chiropractor, neurologist, or other specialist immediately. Follow up with any instructions your doctor gives you.
  11. If an insurance adjuster comes from the insurer for the other vehicle, and wants to pay you a small amount of money for a quick settlement, do not take it. If you do, and your injuries are worse than you think, you may have accepted a small amount of money for what could be a very significant injury.
  12. Contact the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C. We can help you protect your rights and assure that you get the compensation you deserve.