What Is an 'Independent' Medical Examination?

If your insurance company wants you to have an “independent” medical examination, watch out. First, there is no such thing as an “independent” examination. The doctors they use all specialize in examining people for insurance companies and defense attorneys and know that they are being hired for one purpose: to determine that you do not have an injury. Whether the end result will be the denial of future medical benefits, or a defense to your lawsuit, these examinations are far from independent.

Yet, you have to go or your claim will be denied because you failed to attend. When you do go, have someone go with you who can witness the examination. Some of them take less than 5 minutes, and are very cursory at best. The offices are overcrowded with other people like yourself who will also be examined for the purpose of denying their claims.

You should never talk with the doctor about how the accident happened. Let the doctor examine you, tell the doctor about your treatment and your pains, and get out. This doctor is not there to help you.

At the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C., we are familiar with these doctors and know their tactics. We will help you prepare for your examination in the hopes that there may be a positive result for you.