Verdicts and Settlements

This is a sample of the many cases which have been handled by Norman M. Block, P.C. and resolved to the satisfaction of its clients. These cases are for illustration only and should not be used to assess the value of any case for any other person. The value of a case depends upon many factors, including the age of the individual, the occupation, the extent of the injury, the amount of treatment, the necessity for surgery, the end result of the medical care provided, the amount of the insurance coverage available and whether the injured party bore any responsibility for the accident. Each case must be assessed on its individual merits.

$2,700,000 structured settlement for 69 year old woman crossing highway at traffic light. Large truck jumps the light and strikes her, causing thigh level amputation of right leg. Hospitalization for four months, in-patient rehabilitation for seven months. Patient has heart attack after the amputation and triple by-pass surgery.

$2,246,000 structured settlement for 8 year old boy who suffered second and third degree burns to his leg when a pot of hot soup spilled on him during an after school cooking class at his elementary school. Hospitalized for 10 days in bariatric chamber, with skin grafting from his buttocks. At time of settlement, child was left with scarring on his ankle and the possibility of revision surgery as he grows. However, he had no limitations in his daily activities and the scar is generally covered by pants and socks. He will receive $3,100 per month for his lifetime.

$1,200,000 mediated settlement, including waiver of workers compensation lien, for 61 year old truck driver who was hit in the head by a rock thrown by a picketer during a labor dispute. Client had closed head injury with impaired cognitive functioning and memory loss.

$889,000 arbitration award for 43 year old woman who suffered injuries to her neck, back and knee when her vehicle was struck from the front. She underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in her knee, discectomy with fusion for her cervical spine and microdiscectomy for her lumbar spine. She had been involved in a prior accident with the same injuries to her neck and back. She has been out of work since the accident. The amount awarded included interest from the date of summary judgment being awarded in her favor finding the other driver liable.

$641,000 structured settlement for 60 year old woman whose vehicle was rear-ended in an automobile accident. She suffered multiple disk herniations in her cervical spine and underwent two spine surgeries as a result.

$600,0000 settlement for 38 year old male painter who falls off of a ladder scaffold while painting a church. Suffers herniated lumbar disk repaired by diskectomy with fusion. Returns to work after less than one year after the surgery.

$450,000 plus memorial garden - settlement for the family of an 18 year old boy who committed suicide while under the care of a private agency providing residential services for mentally ill youth. Agency agreed to memorial garden in lieu of punitive damages.

$443,000 settlement for 46 year old male school bus monitor who suffered herniated lumbar disks with spine surgery and internal fixation when his school van was struck in the rear by the driver of a box truck.

$385,000 settlement for 64 year old disabled veteran struck by a turning car at an intersection. Suffered fracture of the humerus of the right arm, requiring open reduction internal fixation with a rod in the humerus. Hospitalization and nursing home care due to other health conditions. Client had a good recovery although experiences weather related pain. This case settled before a lawsuit was filed.

$380,000 settlement on the eve of trial for 51 year old mason who fell through the flooring of a scaffold while working on a municipal building. Suffered meniscus tear in his knee, ruptured biceps tendon and herniations in his lumbar spine which did not require surgery.

$350,000 mediated settlement for 61 year old handyman who fell off a ladder while repairing the ceiling of a commercial property. His injury was a multiple fracture to his right forearm, requiring open reduction with internal fixation to heal the fracture. His progress was limited and a fusion of his wrist had been recommended.

$317,500 settlement for 49 year old man injured when his truck was rear ended by another truck on a highway. His injury included herniated disks in the cervical spine requiring a discectomy and fusion. He had a prior accident five years earlier with herniations resulting from that accident.

$315,000 settlement for 62 year old woman injured in an automobile accident. She suffered a herniated cervical disk which required a diskectomy without fusion.

$265,000 mediated settlement for 37 year old male cable installer injured in a car and truck accident. His injuries included a herniated disk in the lumbar spine and a tear of the acromion in the rotator cuff of the shoulder. He had a microdiscectomy without fusion for the lumbar injury and arthroscopic surgery for the shoulder injury.

$250,000 settlement, the limit of the insurance policy, for 45 year old woman who herniated a lumbar disk and required a diskectomy with fusion as a result of a rear-end collision caused by a driver reaching for her ringing cell phone.

$250,000 judgment after inquest for a 42 year old woman who fractured the fifth metacarpal of her left hand and had disk herniations in her spine as a result of an injury at an indoor go-kart track. 

$222,570 structured settlement for 18 year old girl who suffered a burst vertebra as a result of a single car automobile accident caused by the reckless conduct of a teen age driver.

$200,000 settlement for 45 year old woman whose vehicle was struck by another vehicle that ran a stop sign. She suffered a herniated lumbar disk requiring three surgeries, including a microdiscectomy and full lumbar fusion in two surgeries.

$165,000 settlement for 42 year old female town animal warden who suffered herniated lumbar disks with lumbar surgery as a result of an accident in which she made a left turn in front of an oncoming car while on the job.

$165,000 settlement for 36 year old construction worker who fell over debris when the outside scaffolding at a Manhattan skyscraper collapsed. Injuries included herniated cervical and lumbar disks. No surgery was necessary.

$106,000 structured settlement for 17 year old girl with a minor facial scar as a result of a severe car accident resulting in the death of her best friend and co-passenger.