Trip and Fall Accidents

Trip and fall accidents occur when the floor, stair or walkway contains a defect which catches the walkers foot and causes the fall. The types of defects include:

  • Potholes
  • Holes, cracks or uneven concrete on sidewalks
  • Crumbling sidewalks
  • Cracks or holes in floors
  • Cracks or holes on stairways
  • Loose edging or tread on stairs
  • Debris on sidewalks
  • Merchandise or display racks in stores that protrude into the aisle

When these accidents occur on streets and sidewalks, a government agency may be responsible, and the notice requirements and shortened statutes of limitations for suits against cities, towns, counties and New York State may apply. In certain municipalities, like the City of New York, the owner of the property adjoining the sidewalk may be responsible for sidewalk repairs.

Trip and fall accidents differ from slip and fall accidents and may cause more serious injuries. In a slip and fall accident, the injury is very often to the lower back and buttocks. In a trip and fall accident, the injured person frequently falls forward and either strikes his or her head, or extends his or her hand and arm resulting in an injury.

If you have been involved in a trip and fall accident, the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C. can help you negotiate with the responsible insurance company and obtain a fair settlement of your claim. If that doesn’t happen, a lawsuit may be necessary. We will vigorously represent you at all states of the lawsuit. With over 25 years of experience working with people injured in trip and fall accidents, the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C. is ready to help you achieve the maximum financial recovery possible. Call today.