Taxi, Uber and Lyft Accidents

There is a growing trend to use ride services like taxis, Ubers and Lyft cars for our daily transportation. With the growing use of phone apps for these services, hailing a ride is as simple as typing a few strokes into our phones and watching the progress of the driver as his car reaches us. While these are a convenient and often inexpensive ways to get around, there are some serious challenges when they are involved in an accident. At Norman M. Block, P.C., we understand these challenges and can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Drivers are distracted by the many devices in their vehicles which are tied to these services. It is not uncommon to see a driver referring to two or more cell phones and some type of map service while driving. It is all too easy to be distracted from the roadway and traffic, resulting in serious accidents. There is no longer a radio dispatcher who communicates with the driver.

As a passenger in these cars, you should always buckle your seatbelt. If the seatbelt is not readily available or somehow not usable, let the driver know. There are other cars around, and you should not risk serious injuries. Tell the driver to stop, get out and find a different car. If you have a child with you, both Uber and Lyft have cars with child safety seats. These can be ordered when you use the app.

If you are involved in an accident while a passenger, you will need to get information from the driver, including his name and address, and see the registration and insurance card to learn who is the true owner of the vehicle and which company insures the vehicle. If you are too injured to be able to do this, you will have to obtain the police report to learn this. A police officer should have come to the scene and will make a report. In some situations, the officer may merely tell you where you can obtain the police report. In others, the officer may provide identifying the basic identifying information so you can follow up later. Click here to learn those necessary steps,.

As a passenger, your medical bills and any lost wages will be paid by the insurance company for the owner of the car. Even if another vehicle caused the accident, the insurance company for the vehicle you were riding in provides this benefit.

After you have obtained medical care, you will need to contact a lawyer who can review the police report, identify the proper parties and insurance carriers, and help you establish a claim for your injuries. With over 30 years experience, Norman M. Block, P.C. can help you through this process. We will negotiate with the insurance companies if possible, and bring suit when it appears that negotiation will not work. There are certain insurance companies affiliated with taxis and limousines that simply do not settle cases without a lawsuit. Call us today to discuss your case and learn how we can help you.