Store Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Falls in and outside of stores, gas stations, and other businesses are common. Such falls occur because a store has not put proper matting down during a rainstorm, has failed to clean up spills which it knew or should have known about, allowed floor mats to become curled, or failed to remove objects from the aisles.

Business owners have a duty to their customers, the people they invite into the stores. They have a duty to keep the store reasonably safe for its customers and to warn of any hazards which it knows or should know could cause a customer to fall.

If the store does not have knowledge that a spill occurred, or that some slippery object was dropped to the floor, the store may not be liable. The store can be liable if it had constructive knowledge of the defect – that it was there long enough so that it should have been cleaned up or removed. With the prevalence of surveillance cameras in many stores, the length of time the defect existed can often be traced.

Even if the store is not responsible for your injury, it often has insurance that will pay for your medical care. You should contact the store and find out the procedure for submitting your medical bills.

To determine whether or not you have a case, call the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C. We will discuss your situation and the evidence that may exist. Based on this, we can judge whether or not you have a case. If you do, we will contact the store or business, establish the claim, and assist you during your medical care. When necessary, we will bring suit to protect your rights. Call today to determine if you will be able to obtain compensation for your injuries from a fall in a store or other business.