Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents can result in varying degrees of injuries. While some people may only suffer minor bumps and bruises, other people may suffer wrist fractures, ankle or knee injuries, hip injuries, head injuries or neck and back injuries in a slip and fall. These injuries can require extensive medical treatment, including physical therapy or surgical treatment in some cases, and may result in time away from work as you recover from your injuries.

Without proper attention to your slip and fall case, you may not be capable of recovering compensation for your medical expenses or lost wages. The law firm of Norman M. Block, P.C., in Pleasantville, New York, is available to answer your questions and help you determine if you are entitled to compensation.

New York Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall

In the case of slip and fall or trip and fall accidents, compensation is only available when negligence can be proved, including negligence of the property owner, business owner, or government entity responsible for maintaining the premises. A knowledgeable New York lawyer with over 20 years of experience, attorney Norman M. Block is familiar with premises liability laws in New York and can help you pursue rightful compensation. Our law firm handles slip/trip and fall accident cases involving:

Attorney Norman M. Block understands the special considerations and time restrictions that may be involved in claims against the government, such as in a claim for injuries that occur when someone trips and falls on a defect in a city street.

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Whether your slip and fall involved negligent ice or snow removal or unmarked wet grocery store floors, we have the experience and resources to serve your interests. Contact a knowledgeable New York personal injury lawyer at Norman M. Block, P.C., to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.