Motor Vehicle Accidents


A serious motor vehicle accident can leave victims physically, financially, and emotionally injured. Some of the financial strain caused by motor vehicle accident injuries can be alleviated by pursuing compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. New York personal injury lawyer Norman M. Block has the knowledge and experience to handle auto accident cases with compassion and professionalism. Our law firm will thoroughly investigate the cause of the motor vehicle accident, deal with insurance companies, and assist clients in holding all negligent parties accountable for serious injures. In the event of a fatal motor vehicle accident, we represent the surviving family members with a wrongful death lawsuit. If the claim can’t be settled, we will bring a lawsuit on your behalf.

If you or someone in your family is involved in a motor vehicle accident or other major motor vehicle accident, our personal injury attorney is ready to help recover compensation to cover medical expenses and, lost income not covered by no-fault insurance, long-term health care needs, and pain and suffering. Contact us today, in Westchester County, New York, to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled motor vehicle accident attorney.

Our New York personal injury firm is prepared to represent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who suffer a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident. Our attorney will represent you in cases related to:

No Fault Insurance in New York

In a car or truck accident, the insurance company covering the vehicle you are driving or riding in covers your medical care and lost wages, regardless of who is at fault. As a pedestrian, the company insuring the vehicle that hit you is responsible for your medical bills and lost wages — even if your actions are partly to blame for the motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. Motorcycle accidents, however, involve a unique set of rules.

Uninsured Drivers · Hit-and-Run · Underinsured Drivers

When the person responsible for the accident has no insurance or inadequate coverage, you may be entitled to Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage available under your auto insurance policy. Uninsured Motorist Coverage may also be utilized in a hit-and-run accident. You may also consider a New York State program called the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Law.

Insurance and liability concerns can complicate any motor vehicle accident case. Whatever the circumstances in an auto accident, we are ready to help you. Attorney Norman M. Block has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you obtain the rightful compensation you are entitled.

A New York Law Firm Dedicated to Your Case

If you are injured, or someone you know has been injured or died in a serious motor vehicle accident, contact the Westchester County, New York, law firm of Norman M. Block, P.C., today. We offer free initial consultations and contingency fee representation. If we do not recover compensation for you, you pay no attorney's fees.