Ladder and Scaffold Accidents

New York law provides special protections for workers involved in construction and demolition activities who have to work at a height. The owner of the building and the general contractor have an obligation to provide appropriate safety devices to prevent workers from falling off ladders and scaffolds. If a worker falls from a rickety ladder that wobbles, if a scaffold collapses, if someone working at a height is not provided appropriate safety harnesses and falls, the injuries can be quite serious and the ability to work may be ended.

While workers can have their medical bills paid and lost wages paid through workers compensation, that is not enough to fully compensate for the injuries sustained. Lost wages under workers compensation are capped, so that skilled tradesmen or union workers are rarely fully compensated for their loss. Pain and suffering is also not compensated through workers compensation. By filing a lawsuit against the owner and general contractor, workers can receive full compensation for their injuries.

This law also applies to workers who fall through openings in roofs and floors. These areas must be properly protected.

At the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C., we have handled many cases for workers injured because of defective ladders and scaffolds. While we will negotiate with the insurance companies, lawsuits are almost always necessary due to large amount of damages and attempts to shift the liability to other parties. We will aggressively represent you in the lawsuit and help you obtain the maximum damages possible. We will also negotiate with the workers compensation insurance company to minimize any obligation to repay the expenses which it paid. With over 25 years of experience, the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C. is there to help you. Call today if you have been injured because you fell from a ladder or scaffold.