How Long Will My Case Take?

This is a question that is really not answerable. The first factor is how long it takes for you to get better, or get to a point that we know you won’t get any better. You don’t want to settle your case without full knowledge of what the future may hold for you. How long you take to get to this point depends on you and your body.

Once we know your physical situation, we are now at the mercy of the insurance companies and the courts. Some insurance companies want to settle cases quickly, some will delay as long as possible and make you go trial. Even then, the company may appeal a favorable decision for you.

Courts in the various counties all have different time frames, depending upon the number of cases and the number of judges available. In some counties, once all discovery in the case is completed, a trial may he had in a few months. In other counties, it may take a few years. If you are in a lucky county, the trial date given is certain. In other counties, the trial date given is just an estimate, that may get pushed back several times.

At Norman M. Block, P.C., we have experience with all the local courts and all the insurance companies, and can give you a rough idea about how long it will take. We can’t promise when the case will be completed, but we will be with you all the way until it is.