Falls on Ice and Snow

Snow and Ice are slippery. That’s obvious. But property owners are expected to maintain their property in a reasonably safe manner, to exercise care when removing snow and ice, and to keep their premises free of snow and ice when they are expecting people to be using their property.

Property owners have a reasonable time after a snow or ice storm ends before they have to clear it. They are not expected to remove snow and ice when the storm is in progress. How long that reasonable time is depends on a number of circumstances, including the time of day when the storm ends and the use of a property. A business has a greater responsibility during business hours than a homeowner might have when the storm ends during the night.

Sidewalks are a tricky issue. In New York City, adjacent property owners are generally responsible for clearing ice and snow, and may be held liable to a person who is injured if it is a business or a multiple family dwelling. Outside New York City, the municipality is generally responsible, and is only liable if it had prior written notice of the failure to clean the sidewalk. While property owners may be responsible to the municipality for clearing the sidewalk, and can be fined by the municipality for failure to clear snow and ice, that often does not extend to their being liable to people injured. However, if the property owner was negligent in the manner in which it cleared the snow and ice, so that it made the condition more dangerous, liability can be found.

Determining whether you have a case because of your fall on snow and ice requires and analysis by a law firm experienced in these types of cases. At Norman M. Block, P.C., we have over 25 years of experience representing people who were injured due to slip and fall accidents on snow and ice. We will identify the property owners, contact the insurance company, and monitor your medical care. While we will attempt to negotiate a settlement, we are prepared to go to court to protect your rights if a settlement cannot be reached.

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