Defective Roadway Accidents

f you are involved in accident caused by a defect in the road or in the roadway design, the law offices of Norman M. Block, P.C. can help you recover money damages for your injuries.

The types of road conditions that can result in accidents include

  • Potholes
  • Areas where water and ice accumulate
  • Missing guard rails
  • Missing shoulders
  • Trees and signs too close to the roadway
  • Inadequate signs or other warnings
  • Sharp curves
  • Construction areas

Roadway defects can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles or even cause them to roll over. Since these accidents happen at high speeds, the injuries could be serious.

Because the roads are maintained by governments, there are specific notices that may have to be provided and reduced periods of time in which you must act. These are discussed under Lawsuits against Cities, Towns, Counties and New York State. It is important to know which government entity may be responsible for the maintenance and or design of the roadway.

Because of the various notice requirements and time limits, it is important that you contact an experience law firm like Norman M. Block, P.C. to discuss your accident and what will be necessary for you to win your case. We will investigate the roadway, determine who is responsible, and file the necessary notices. Even if the time has run out, it may be possible to petition the court to allow you file a late notice.

Contact Norman M. Block, P.C. today if you have been injured due to a roadway defect or defective design.