Claims for Sexual Assault Against a Child

If a child is sexually abused, harassed, raped or forced into a sexual relationship, the child may have grounds for a lawsuit against the person responsible, his or her employer or any other business or organization where the conduct occurred. This abuse can occur at churches, synagogues, schools, day care centers, community organizations, after school classes, sports and many other areas. It is traumatic, but the trauma is often suppressed because the victim feels embarrassed by the situation or handles it by trying to erase the experience from his or her memory. It is often many years after it occurred that the trauma becomes revived and the victim suffers physical and mental anguish.

Because of the New York Statute of Limitations for such offenses, many people who were subjected to abuse as a child did not have a way to bring a lawsuit as an adult. On January 28, 2019, the New York Legislature passed the Child Victims Act, which allows many adults to file suit within one year after the Governor signs the Act, even though the prior Statute of Limitations has expired. Cases which were previously dismissed because of that expiration may be revived and the lawsuit can now proceed.

If you or your child had been the victim of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or other forced sexual relationship, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your rights. As a former social worker, Norman Block understands the trauma that has been experienced, and can help you understand your rights and obtain the compensation for which you are entitled. Your call will be handled discreetly and you can trust Mr. Block for his compassion and understanding. The lawsuit can be filed anonymously to minimize any embarrassment which you or your child may fear by bringing such a suit. He will work promptly to investigate your claim and protect your legal rights.

The Child Victims Act is new and will be interpreted by the courts. By brining your case early, you will have a better chance at obtaining money damages. Contact Norman M. Block, P.C. as soon as possible to protect your rights.