Bicycle Accidents

As more people are using bicycles for their daily transportation, or as a means of physical fitness, more accidents are occurring when drivers of cars and trucks fail to see the cyclists and cause collisions and serious injuries. While many suburban towns and cities have bicycle paths that do not share the road with motor vehicles, many paths use the shoulders of high speed roadway. Most streets do not have bicycle paths.

New York City presents other problems. The growing use of Citibikes means there are more bicycles on city streets than ever before. Some larger streets have bike paths that are separated from traffic by physical barriers, while other streets have, at best, a bike lane painted onto the pavement. Combining these with the many food delivery cyclists who are rushing to their destination, New York City streets pose unique dangers for cyclists.

Injuries can obviously be very serious. Unlike a passenger in a car, there is no steel structure or other metal protecting the bicycle rider. Injuries from colliding with a motor vehicle, and from landing on the street or roadway, can range from cuts and bruises to broken bones and concussions. Even when wearing a helmet, head and spine injuries can occur. In the most serious injuries, riders can become paralyzed and unable to care for themselves.

Once injured in a bicycle accident, it is necessary to identify the driver and owner of the vehicle that struck you. The insurance company for that vehicle will cover your medical expenses and any lost wages, even if you were at fault for the accident. If you are not able to get this information at the scene, you will need to follow up with the police who responded to the accident to get the police report which will contain this information. Click here to learn the steps you need to take.

Norman M. Block, P.C. can help you when you have been injured in a bicycle accident. We will contact the insurance companies and establish your claim. As your treatment progresses, we will be in a better position to determine the amount of money appropriate to compensate you for your injuries, and begin negotiations with the insurance company. If that fails, we will bring the necessary lawsuit and fight for your rights.

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